a workshop for everyone 


We want to provide all participants with a workshop that fits their wishes.

If you have a festival ticket, the registration for the workshops starts January 20. We will honor your choices on a first come, first serve basis, so register in time! Your choice can only be honored until the workshop is complete.

(At this moment, the workshop programme is still subject to change)


six tracks of workshops


During the festival there are five 90-minute slots for workshops in five tracks. Workshops will be given on three experience levels:

(*) = starting level: no experience required, open to anyone interested

(**) = intermediate level: Basis experience recommended, aimed at those who want to expand their skillset.

(***) = advanced level: Theoretical and practical experience recommended, aimed to deepen your abilities.


Below, all workshops are briefly described per track:


1. Rhythm: “sound your body, move your body” with body percussion rhythm and movement, move in rhythm

workshops by AITO Merzi Rajala (Finland), Ben Schütz (Hamburg, Germany), Sander Gieling (Netherlands)

(*) Intro to Body Percussion (Ben Schütz)
When using your body and voice as a rhytmic instrument, how do you start? What is possible?

(*) PlayFully – body, rhythm, improvisation (Merzi Rajala + AITO)
Merzi welcomes you to unite short games, steps, claps and rhythms to our voices and transforming these into music. We will use small themes from different countries as a playground for our music of the moment.

(**) Advanced Body Percussion (Ben Schütz)
Take your basic understanding and skills to the next level! Get to know advanced sounds and odd rhythms to apply to making music in the moment.

(**) Building group improvisations (Sander Gieling)
Without a leader, a group can even better set up an improvisation that is musical and rich without derailing. Get to know the tools!

(***) Cuban folklore styles (Merzi Rajala + AITO)
Practise the typical elements of Cuban rhtythms and sounds to enrich your improvisation.


2. Composition: instant composing, using your brain in the moment. let’s fill the toolbox.

Workshops by Roger Treece (USA), Merel Martens (Netherlands)

(*) Easy composing with Vocal Painting (Merel Martens)
Vocal Painting is gaining popularity as a tool to very quickly set up and shape music in the moment. Learn the basics!

(*) Musical Fluency – Beginners level (Roger Treece)

(**) Advanced composing with Vocal Painting (Merel Martens)
For those familiar with the Vocal Painting basics, expand your vocabulary to create even more musical options.

(**) Musical Fluency – Intermediate level (Roger Treece) – SOLD OUT

(***) Musical Fluency – Advanced level (Roger Treece)


3. Sound & Melody: two musical elements you can fill your toolbox with when you start singing in the moment: intonation, blending, pitch, harmony, intervals, vowel color and voice timbre.

Workshops by Joey Blake (USA), Roberto Demo (Italy),

(*) Creating circles from singing (Joey Blake)
Learn circle singing from the master!

(**) Creating circles from movement (Joey Blake) – SOLD OUT
Have your body guide you into singing circle songs.

(**) Melody, harmony…Symphony! (Roberto Demo)
Improve and develop your melodic and harmonic universe.

(***) The Solo inside the Song (Joey Blake) – SOLD OUT
How to empower your improvisation with a meaningful solo part?

(**/***) Rhythm and Melody (Joey Blake)- NEW
How Rhythm and Melody can help you in your improvisation.


4. Performing: be in the moment. Performing together using your toolbox, expression and interaction to be connected. About supporting and leading, leadership and mastership.

Workshops by Rahel Comtesse (Germany), Roberto Demo (Italy), Kees Kool (Netherlands) and RIV (Rotterdam ImproVoices, Netherlands)

(*) Lift your improvisation to a performance (Rahel Comtesse)
Rahel will show you how to improvise with elements of movement as well as getting inspiration for your singing through your body.

(*) The Orchestra in the Mouth (Roberto Demo)
Explore the vocal spectrum to shape your sound and add more expression to your performance.

(**) Connecting with the audience (Rotterdam ImproVoices)
Engage your audience in different ways to create a shared performance.

(***) Improvisation tools on stage (Kees Kool)
Enlarge your toolbox with these tools that will connect you to your audience while singing in the moment.


5. Teaching: for teachers and trainers 

Workshops by Barbara Beckmann (Germany) and Mathieu Vulto (Netherlands)

(*) Improvisation in the classroom (Barbara Beckmann)
Improvisation comes natural to children developing their musicality.
Barbara will share her experience on using their playfullness in the education process.

(*/**) Vocal Painting as a teachers’ tool (Mathieu Vulto)
Vocal Painting can very well be applied as an attractive musical game to children of all ages.
Master and teachers’ teacher Mathieu knows all the ins and outs!

6. Outdoors: Do the Improwalk! 

Outdoor Improvising with Gitte Wolffson and Malin Adler (Germany)

(*) We walk along historical sites, nature and Roman excavations to get inspired for songs in the moment!

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We have a beautiful line up of teachers in our workshops.