Do you want to learn more about vocal improvisation? 

Then you’re in the right place. In IF, the first Dutch vocal improvisation festival, we’re building a bridge to people that love to sing and who like to explore the improvisation with their voice.

  • with concerts by vocal groups, some based on partially arranged pieces, some solely with music that is totally invented in the moment, and a wide variety in between.
  • with workshops on all levels, for people who just like to sing and for very advanced vocal improvisers.
  • with circle singing sessions, where everyone is invited to join, or just listen if you prefer
  • in a great venue with plenty of smaller and larger group rooms for groups and concerts, the theatre of Canisius College

Joey Blake, Bobby McFerrin, David Worm 

Thanks, to these wonderful improvisers for the exemplary path they took, which is still showing us the way today. Also grateful for Rhiannon and Roger Treece in making it accessible in there teaching-methode . 

“IF festival ticket”

Full access:

  • 8 concerts
    • 3 double concerts
    • 2 wildcard concerts
    • 3 Circle song sessions
  • 4 workshops by masters in vocal improvisation, from the 18 workshop on the program
  • Circle singing in the public domain

Preliminary program

Time for you to step into the moment 

Click here for a program overview

program overview


Canisius college  

Berg en Dalseweg 207 

6522 BK Nijmegen  


Ubbergseveldweg 68, 6522 HJ Nijmegen 


Every year a vocal improvisation festival?

6,7,8 March 2020

TIN Düsseldorf 2020:

again a great festival 

April 30, May 1, 2  2021

IF Nijmegen 2021: save the date

Click here for TIN Düsseldorf 2020:

TIN 2020

Be in time to sign up! Workshop bookings will be processed in order. So, don’t be late and get your tickets in time!