Four categories of workshops  


There are five time-blocks (of 90 minutes, see above) in which you can choose from four types of workshops. the categories are:

1. Rhythm: “sound your body, move your body” with body percussion rhythm and movement, move in rhythm

workshops by AITO Merzi Rajala (Finland), Ben Schuetz (Hamburg, Germany)  (#we still are talking and other workshop leaders might be added later)


2. Composition: use your brain in the moment, instant composing. let’s fill the toolbox 

Workshops by Roger Treece (USA) Merel Martens (Netherlands)


3. Sound & Melody: two musical elements you can fill your toolbox with when you start singing in the moment. (Like intonation and blending, pitch, harmony, intervals, vowel color, voice timbre.) 

Workshops by Joey Blake (USA) Roberto Demo (Italy)(#we still are talking and other workshop leaders might be added later)


4. Performing: be in the moment. Performing together using your toolbox, expression and interaction to be connected. About supporting and leading; leadership and mastership.   

Workshops by Rahel Comtesse(Germany), Roberto Demo (Italy), Kees Kool (Netherlands) and RIV  (Rotterdam ImproVoices, Netherlands)


This is an example of the schedule 

We have a beautiful line up of teachers. The final schedule will be send to you later based on the input of the participants.

Who do you want to learn from and on what level?

If there are more participants than we expect we hope to use our reserve list of beautiful workshop / teachers.