Joey Blake
boston, USA

Joey Blake is a vocalist with an unmistakable style, fluid as it is unique, full of surprises and delivered with masterful grace. His instrument-like approach to the voice gives him a musical vocabulary heard only in the rarest of singers. He is one of the founding and current members of Voicestra, the a cappella ensemble created by Bobby McFerrin. He was also a founding member of Sovoso the group that spun from Voicestra.

Joey’s current projects are We Be 3, an improvisational vocal Trio comprised of himself and two other members of Voicestra, Rhiannon and Dave Worm. Back to the Band an ensemble focusing on Improvisation within the live band experience.



Roger Treece

Roger Treece is a composer, arranger, producer, and singer who creates music that combines traditional classical elements with jazz, funk, gospel, and world.  A vocal innovator, Roger tours worldwide as a performance artist, composer, conductor and teacher, guiding musicians of all ages and genres in improvisation, creativity, harmony, arranging, rhythm, and solo-vocal technique.

Ben Schuetz
Hamburg, Germany

Ben will bring body percussion to the festival. in his workshop, he will lead the way how to use your body rhythm and sounds and combine this with singing.

Roberto Demo
Torino, Italy

Roberto Demo does several activities as vocal technique teacher, a scientific researcher on vocal potential and as a vocalist in studios and on stage in Italy, Europe, and America collaborating with high-level international musicians, in different groups, from vocal solo to bigger bands and vocal groups.

As a very experienced musician and vocalist, Roberto Demo is offering a variety of tools you can use while singing, improve your skills by working with him. His knowledge of the voice, music and, improvising makes him unique as a teacher   

Mezri Rajala
Provoo Finland

Merzi Rajala is a great improviser. She combines her knowledge of arranging, Cuban music and rhythm from the body with having fun singing in the moment  

Rahel Comtesse
Munich, Germany

Rahel Comtesse is an experienced actor, singer and vocal improviser.

She knows how to use her body and imagination to support her singing. Through movement she finds original and honest sounds, that becomes truthful music. Music that touches and moves.

In her workshop, she will show you a way how to be and sing in the moment and how to use the stage in a conscious way through presence and movements.

AITO collective

The Multi-talented singers of AITO will offer you a range of possibilities to expand your toolbox. Sounds of the north, overtone, vocal percussion and much more     

Merel Martens
Vlaardingen, Netherlands

Merel tool the vocal leadership education to the Netherlands. Founded and coached several great choirs (MAZE, DOC) She was chosen as the best choir leader in the Netherland 2018. In other words, she is a multitalented master and in her workshop, you can experience what a great teacher she is.       

Kees Kool
Oosterbeek, Netherlands

Kees Kool is an experienced and gifted improviser. He learned so much from great singers and is willing to share his gratefulness with you. Performing in the moment is what he loves to share. He invented a lot of games that are helpful to learn the musical roles and element in vocal improvisation.    


Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Singers of the Rotterdam ImproVoices are well-educated and trained for many years to perform on stage. They developed signs which help them to perform and make instant-compositions. In this workshop, they will use some games and exercises to teach you how to use that yourself    

Barbara Beckmann
Dusseldorf, Germany

Barbara organized already three times TIN festival in Dusseldorf. Her workshop will be about vocal improvisation in education and schools